The e-books for FE project provides every FE college in the UK with:

1. Significant core collections of e-books relevant to the FE curriculum across the UK as taught in FE:

c.3000 e-book titles are available free of charge to every FE college in the UK, under unlimited concurrent access. Unlimited, simultaneous user access means that, unlike in the print world, students do not have to wait for the hard copies to be returned by other students or borrow under short loan conditions.

The e-books are available under the terms of the Jisc model licence e.g. Staff and students can incorporate parts in teaching learning materials whether electronic or paper. This includes course packs, presentations, VLEs, mobile devices, project work and much more.

2. Access to a digital library 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a robust e-books platform.

The e-books in the collection are hosted via the ebrary e-books platform, until the end of August 2014. There is no charge to access the platform. The e-books platform adheres to relevant information standards for efficient information retrieval, discovery, and management. The more information on standards compliant and the platform functionality please visit : http://www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/catalogue/ebooksforfe

Jisc Collections will continue to work with colleges and everyone in the e-books supply chain to look at how we can sustain the adoption of e-books in FE into the future and provide FE colleges with the e-book titles they need. The majority of the titles will be available until 31/08/2014 although some titles have been licensed in perpetuity. The list of titles licensed in perpetuity can be found here. Jisc Collections is currently in discussions with ebrary about the future of the collection beyond August 2014.